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The Alexander Family

I was SO excited to get to photograph this family last month! Mollie - a nurse by trade who decided to stay home with her daughter Anna full time - has been my daughter Freyja's nanny for the past year. Freyja and Anna are just a month apart, and have shared a significant portion of their young lives practically growing up as sisters, and best friends. They've made such an impact on Freyja, in fact, that she talks about them in her sleep (including Mollie's husband Shane, and his parents), and wakes up calling for Anna occasionally in the night.

Mollie told me that she wanted family pictures in the foothills, and that she had some props to use once we got there. I'm not typically a props kind of person, I was in for the same surprise that their friends and family just got this month...

We cannot begin to express our appreciate for Mollie, Shane and Anna (and new baby)


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