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Hey y'all! I'm Toni (she/her), an LGBTQ+ photographer in the Denver Metro area, and I am thrilled  to advocate for inclusion in all its forms: queer families, the disabled community, POC, and vocal allies of social justice. Basically, anyone smashing the cis-het-male-patriarchy in as an avenue to advance cultural and humanitarian progress.


For the past seven years, I've also worked in healthcare and public education in Denver, supporting young students with disabilitiesIn my free time, I enjoy adventures (especially of the hot springs type) near and abroad with my two kids, two pups, two angora bunnies, and big weird extended queer chosen family.

Reach out and tell me what makes your heart soar! I'd be honored to work with you :)



Photo by the ever-talented megastar Adri Mendez 

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