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A quite belated post of a quite adorable little family

Between a full time job as a speech-language pathologist, picking up winter photoshoots, and wrangling my own wildling children through holidays and snow days, I am definitely behind on keeping this blog updated!

This little one is Ada, born two months ago now (HOW?). I met her mama, Avery (also a speech-language pathologist) through our mutual friend, Maddie, who basically knows everybody and makes sure that we are all friends with each other (I would basically have no social life without the assistance of Maddie). I met Avery right before she was about to leave on a honeymoon to far off places and we immediately clicked, talking about travel ideas and suggestions, and I was excited to hear of her adventures upon her return (have I mentioned that world travel has always been a top priority in my life? Stay tuned for more on that). Over the next several months we bonded over speech therapy (yes, yes, very exciting) and initial chats about family planning (yes, yes, ACTUALLY very exciting!). When Avery found out that little Ada was on the way, I was SO excited to share the experience of parenthood with her - the good, the bad, and all of the tiny little clothes and knick-knacks (yes, you DO need the Nose Frida to suck all of the boogers out of your perfect child's goobery nose with your own mouth). After making lists, sharing (and quelling some) worries, celebrating pre- and post-arrival, here, finally, is Ada.

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